Radio Apac 92.9 FM

Radio Apac 92.9 FM was launched on October 17, 1999 by Hon. Jovino Akaki, Minister of State for Tourism, Trade and Industry, and Member of Parliament for Maruzi county, Apac District. The radio equipment, a donation from The Commonwealth of Learning (COL), was installed/commissioned by Mr. David Walker and members of the local community.

After installation, reports indicated that the radio broadcasts were received in Akalo, Balla, Ayer, Inomo, Aduku, Nambieso, Cawente, Akokoro, Ibuje, Cegere, Masindi port (Apac Ferry), Aber, Kamdini Trading Center, Loro, Aboke, and Lira town (Lira District).

In May 2000, Radio Apac extended its services on 106.5 FM to cover more parts of Lira District. Current reports indicate that listeners as far as Masindi, Gulu, Kitgum and Soroti can now receive Radio Apac programs. The extension was achieved by installing the 106.5 FM rebroadcast unit at Odokomit in Lira District.

Radio Apac 92.9 FM in pictures

At the Uganda Communications Commission
Setting up the antenna
Testing the radio equipment
Powering up Apac 92.9 FM
Official launch of Apac 92.9 FM
Radio presentations
Some images from Apac

Radio Apac Services

Radio Apac 92.9 FM Newsletter
Send greetings via Radio Apac
Radio Apac Computer Services: A computer and printer have been acquired to provide secretarial services and desktop publishing.

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